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Prop 8 and Gay Marriage... another take

I hadn't really thought about it this way, but this CNN blogger has an interesting point.

"I fully support the rights of every person to form partnerships with whomever they please. But I think the concept of gay marriage is a sad case of gay people trying to be as stupid as straight people... reminiscent of the misguided elements of the women's movement that were subliminally demanding the right to be as stupid as men.

A better (though even more daunting) approach would be to de-legalize marriage and relegate it to a spiritual commitment among those who desire to practice it. Let everyone be equal... on the proverbial level playing field... by *removing* the special status of marriage -- not expanding it.

The implications are overwhelming, but so are the implications of trying to bring gay people under the legal umbrella of traditional "marriage." By de-regulating marriage and allowing anyone to enter into property ownership contracts or insurance beneficiary status, the entire billion-dollar marriage and divorce "industries" [rackets] would be put out business.

I know it sounds outlandish, but it would represent a deeper solution to human inequalities than gay people imitating straight people... or women imitating men... or one race imitating another... etc., etc., etc."
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