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Stalled out...

Well, the meteorologists haven't let me down. Sure enough, I woke this morning to rain. And rain. And then some more. It appears to have settled in for the day, like a comfortable old friend or a meddling neighbor, depending on your point of view. And Del will be less than thrilled when she sees that her large tent has died, fallen in the front yard.

Actually, I'm grateful its happening now and not three days from now. Still, it does put me at odds with my original plans for today which was a short hike in the desert with the pups and pulling grass in my backyard (the constant part of my life this last week). So it looks like indoor prep today. I need to finish the trivia game, run errands (Mark's b-day is today so its time for steak this evening, at least for him). Add to that a trip to the dentist (ah, Nitrous!) and the Allergy doctor (ew, shot!) and I have a full day planned.

Still, this morning should be more productive than it likely will be.
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