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Nukestock starts today!!!

Set up is proceeding fairly well; nikrss and I have set up the bar (improvisation is not my strong suit but I think it will do). Both trivia games are done, Del & Fred and hard at work on the lagoon, and the green chile is pureed and ready to be made into enchiladas. Vaughan and Christina have done the Sams run and are off to Albertsons right now for more supplies.

To add the excitement, nikrss brought down a bottle of my favorite scotch, Glen Rothes Speyside single malt. Very yummy. I'm not much of a drinker but this weekend is the exception; might as well do it with good stuff.

The trailer is hitched, the hounds are resting, the house clean and need (at least for now). Everything is going s well as we can expect. Now, nap and showder time before the beer tasting, pizza, and enchiladas begin.
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