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The Week of Nukestock

Hippybear inspired me to create my own "to do" list for the week leading up to the party, starting retroactively with Thursday evening 10/18, where I attended my first training for the X Prize Cup. For those of you who don't know what this is, it is our own little slice of space out at the minuscule Las Cruces airport, where private companies compete for design ideas on future commercial space vehicles. it is also an opportunity for rocket heads to launch hordes of model rockets, not the typical ones from the store but rather *large* ones that tend to have minds of their own or, for novelties sake, hover then fly then hover then fly some more.

Friday was midterm day at school, where I administered two tests as well as graded something like 200+ papers.

Then there was the 4:15 am alarm this morning because my X Prize volunteer work had me working the site from 6 am until after Noon. During the very fast 6 hours, I:

1. Worked the will call booth
2. Set up chairs in the learning center
3. Was part of the first rocket retrieval team
4. Walked 1 mi. + from the retrieval team staging area, where I was abandoned along with some of my fellow recover team
5. Handed out posters and other print material at the Information booth
6. Ate a burger
7. Took the shuttle back to the parking area and remarkably found my car, all the more remarkable because it was pitch dark when I parked and it wasn't exactly easy to find in the 5000+ cars I found there after my shift.

A short nap later, I now wait for ewbliette, my dad, and Billy to show up for the homecoming game between the Aggies and Hawaii this evening.

Tomorrow is more Nukestock setting up.

Monday I give two more exams, which means upwards of 100 tests to grade this week.

Tuesday is errands day, plus dentist & allergy doctor appointments.

Wednesday people start to arrive, specifically nirikrss and the hounds! That is going to be one of the big set up days; its also cleaning day.

Thursday everything begins and the bulk of the out of town crowd arrives.

It's a wild & crazy trip and, I have to admit, I wouldn't have it any other way.
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