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A memory of a dream from 15 years ago...

Strange to have thought of this right now, although I think it was a result of seeing Madonna dance around while singing "Open Your Heart." I used to have these completely non-sexual dreams about Madonna and myself, ourselves best of friends, hanging out clothed in bed, and engaging in girl talk (or philosophy, depending on the dream). In some cases, I would wake up, unaware that she wasn't in the room with me, sometimes for up to a few seconds.

This lasted for much of 1991 and some of '92, right up until the point at which I purchased her "Sex" book, after which time the dreams left me forever.

Of course, I have plenty of theories about what any of this means, especially in hindsight, if in fact they mean anything at all.

So, pop psych me! Or really psych me! I'm ready.
Tags: dreams, madonna, psychology
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