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Over a month?

Damn, I'm a slacker. It's been over a month since I posted, only some of which time is justified. From early August to September 20th, I had my home computer mostly at the Mac Doctor due to two (!) bad logic boards and a bad power supply. It seems I have a working machine again but luckily Apple will now replace it with a new machine if anything blows up again.

Of course, the other thing that has kept me absentee from posting is Nukestock, the omnipresent part of my life during October. This is combined with a full time, tenure-track job that I actually have to pay attention to now, and you get the picture. Still, no excuses.

The house is almost ready for the big shindig. The front yard is weeded, the yard sale has happened (wet tho it was), and I've cleared my class schedule for most of next week.

Set up hasn't happened yet but it will. We have bamboo fencing to place, lagoons to fill, volcanos to explode, and caves to explore. And that's just for the party. In the meantime, I have my sweetie to entertain me (and vice versa) and two wonderful dogs snuggled next to me.

Apart from the inevitable stacks of grading I have to do, life couldn't be better. I've even taken to exercising a minimum of 45 minutes a day and have lost 13 pounds in the process (much more to overcome; these last two years have not been the best, weight wise).

So, there's a quick and dirty update. Now, back to the party prep....
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