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Bureaucracy, Floods, Pups, Santa Fe, et al.

Greetings from the desert southwest, where we have experienced over 10" of rain since the first of August. That's right. You read it right. 10". Crazy shit down here. And who says we aren't altering our environment? Granted, these cycles are naturally occuring but geesh, this is getting ridiculous. I went hiking with Raz last week and we found a wetlands, friggin wetlands, just east of the Jornada Experimental Range and the Dona Ana Mts. Not typical. Cool tho! The valley is seriously green like now, something that used to happen all the time in the 80s (you know, back when it actually snowed in New Mexico); nevertheless, it was never like this.

So this post follows TS John blowing thru here, flooding El Paso and Juarez for the third time in 5 weeks, even as T and I made our trek to visit N&V in Santa Fe. It was gorgeous, mostly cloudy and *cool* up there, a reminder that 60 degree highs are just around the corner for us in Las Cruces. N&V were fabulous hosts, treating us to all sorts of tasty goodness at several of the very yummy places to eat in the state capital. The doggies got a chance to run at the office leash park after a long and beautiful walk thru a large portion of downtown with V as our guide. We managed to drag N&V out of their lovely city long enough for a hike thru the Tent Rocks, just southwest of Santa Fe near the Cochiti Pueblo. Very cool and somewhat treacherous, especially towards the end, a steep climb that stopped T & myself because the dogs couldn't jump the climb (I'm okay with this; non-jumpy dogs is usually an asset).

Today was a return to routine, which is to say school, something I still haven't got the hang of this semester (I'm missing those Fridays off!). The most frustrating thing, however, has to be the meetings. Division meeting today, 1 1/2 hours which seemed to go on for 5 because we RECEIVED ABSOLUTELY NO USEFUL INFORMATION. Bleh. Jumping thru hoops can be very frustrating sometimes.

Good news tho! I have yet another "personal chef" gig, the fourth this year. This could get to be a habit!
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