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Finally, some time to post!

Damn, I have been *so* busy since my last post. Starting with last week, the new school year has begun!

So on Monday, 8/21, I started the day with our "convocation" followed in the afternoon by four hours of advising, followed in turn by the adjunct "convocation" that evening.
Last week was mostly meetings galore with classes starting last Thursday.

Friday was my first of many "long Fridays" with two one day a week classes; luckily, it was followed by a lovely walk/hike down an active stream off of Baylor Canyon Road. For those who know little of Las Cruces, there is also never running water across this road but thanks to 7+" of rain this month, it was flowing well, up to four feet across at its widest point (I even saw a big ass SUV driven by a moron get stuck in the stream which made me laugh).

I signed up for a class on Saturday morning, one on Adobe In Design; not sure how often I will attend this however; the instructor seems pretty useless. However, Saturday was also my fourth professional "personal chef/catering" gig of the year, which was wildly successful. Perhaps too much so. I now have so many people wanting me to cook for them that I can't even keep up. Ironic eh? Just as I get on as a tenure track facultyat DACC, I start getting bites on a side business.

Sunday was mercifully free of responsibility. :-)

Monday was hellish, however, largely because scheduling classrooms at DACC is a bit like a giant, perverse rube-goldberg machine. My Dept Chair consulted last week with our scheduling guy at main campus to get me a computer lab at East Mesa, only for me to find that it had long been already slated for another class by the controlling department at that campus. There is apparently no central scheduling program that everyone on campus uses to schedule classes so there are constant overlaps and inconsistencies, especially at the remote campuses. Utterly idiotic. So I spend the first 30 minutes of class on Monday running around East Mesa campus trying to find a classroom for my students. Remarkably enough, I actually found one.

Yesterday proved much smoother, with just one class and then a lovely hike with the dogs & Raz to the Dona Ana County wetlands, a stretch of seasonal marshland and lakes just north of US 70 on the east slopes of the Dona Ana Mountains. I have never seen so much water there! There were even migratory water fowl that are usually reserved for the Rio Grande Valley or other more permanent wetlands. Did I mention that it is very wet in the desert right now? In fact, I would say that our hike yesterday was more humid than my hike through the Louisiana swamps I took four years ago. Pretty weird.

So now I am here with three dogs (Juno is visiting for the day), enjoying the leisurely morning, hoping that East Mesa will be kinder to me today than it was on Monday. I'm sure it will be.

Football tomorrow night (silly me; four season tickets, one lousy team). Santa Fe on Friday.

Busy? Not me!
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