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Bullshitology 101, Part III

Usually when I discover bullshit, it seems to come from the Neoconservatives these days. And why not? These guys spout bullshit so often they can't even keep track of their own lies as they sink deeper and deeper into piles of feces.

Nonetheless, the left is remarkably good at undermining themselves by engaging in bullshit as well, usually so transparently and incompetently that they lose all credibility before they even get any. For example, take these recent Reuters photos from Lebanon, which were digitally manipulated by reporters to make the destruction after an Israeli bombing look much worse than it really was.

WHY? Doesn't the horror and destruction speak for itself without bullshitting the public? This sort of manipulation reduces those critical of US/Israeli policy to a parody who will never sway undecided and/or thoughtful people who might otherwise be persuaded to be critical of these policies.

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