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Michael Barone, idiot columnist

If anyone ever gets a chance to read this fool's columns in neoconservative fav US News & World Report, you will enjoy his flair with the English language, his expertly chosen obfuscation of truth, and his unerring loyalty to George W Bush, most recently proclaiming the latter the Harry S Truman of today. Moreover, he non-ironically uses the term islamofascist to refer to terrorists, a term that W himself has been caught using lately.

Is it just me or is this term a complete contradiction in terms? These talking heads use the term in reference to Hezbollah and other terrorists who may arguably be supported by states such as Iran, but who do not themselves represent states. Fascism is a system whereby government, in cooperation with private enterprise, seek to achieve power and prominence by propagating their exsistence in lieu of the general public. Therefore, this term doesn't make sense because these aren't governments that Barone and Bush are referring to! How wonderful! The Neocons continue on their butchering of the language to justify their own ends (remember the "Healthy Skies" initiative? The "Healthy Forests" initiative? Euphemism is alive and well.
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