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Summer Movie Yawnfest

Here's a capsulized review of the summer movies I've caught. But a quick observation first: why does Hollywood continue to insist that mindless, script-by-committee, plot less, one-action-setpiece-after-another movies are the model by which they must make films? Bleh...

DaVinci Code: Enjoyable adaptation of Dan Brown's entertaining but preposterous, poorly-written schlockfest. Don't take it too seriously. So what's all the controversy about? The usual reactionary nonsense, reacting to unsubstantiated historical fiction. Get a grip, people! BTW, Tom Hanks was seriously miscast.

X-Men 3: Very generic action movie; never boring but uninspiring with so many plot holes of the "super powers by plot convenience" variety.

My Super Ex-Girlfriend: Silly, cute, harmless. Worth a bargain showing. But why does Luke Wilson get film roles? He is so bland he makes Little House on the Prairie revolutionary TV.

Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Probably the biggest disappointment of the summer. I spent 3 days watching this 2 1/2+ snore fest (literally... somewhere around the 2nd hour I fell asleep, only to be awakened again moments later by more loud, headache inducing crap). No plot, no intrigue, no character development... just one action set piece after another, some of which repeated ones that happened just 1/2 hour earlier! If this had been 45 minutes shorter, I would have liked it, I'm sure, in a summer movie, bubble gum, mindless way.

Clerks 2: Very funny addition to the View Askew line up. Well worth the price of admission but only if you have a strong tolerance for very adult yet juvenile humor. Which I do. :-)
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