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Bullshitology 101

It's time to start on my latest endeavor, which is to deconstruct rhetoric (that is, my profession). In layman's terms, it's time to start ticking off all those things that are bullshit. Please! Contribute to this cause. I'm interested in statements made by yourself or others that, on hindsight, you recognize as bullshit.

This is going to be fun!

I'll start the ball rolling, rather obviously...

1. Most comments coming from Donald Rumsfeld in regards to Iraq. The latest, and I paraphrase, "I never once painted a rosy picture of our involvement in Iraq. I always used nuanced and careful langauge." This was to a Senate panel! He went on to say that he was always careful to point out that we could be there for a very long time. Wow, is this guy full of shit! In fact, in April of 2003, to the American public and the American military, he laughed off that idea that we would be in Iraq six months from then (that would put his timetable for withdrawl sometime on or before October 2003). Damn, Rumsfeld makes George Bush look sincere.

More to come, from me and others!
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